Journey To Over 1 Lakh In Sales In Just 15 Days Of A New Business!

Online marketing has become the panacea for all the gaps existing in the contemporary offline
markets. Earlier the access to your customer was not a small task and you have to work
extensively to ensure that your customer base is intact. But now the tables have turned and the
new rules of the game have been laid. The present generation is writing new rules by removing the
existing hurdles of a free market.

How do we surpass offline sales?

Well, there is a magic wand, to say the least as the change in your sale figures will exactly
translate something like this for sure. So how do we ensure such a leap? There are strategic
changes which alter the way your online business used to be and thus it will augment the sales.
There are different elements involved in an online sale, and they are entirely dependent on how
you present your products?

So the first thing we do is to redesign your website and make things more fluidic for a customer.
The more fluidic website is always preferred by any customer as it is the ultimate impression the
customer will carry in its mind and that’s exactly will make you earn a customer. A customer earned
should always be prioritised over a dollar earned. A customer can translate his first impression into
a hundred further customers. Now, this makes things crystal clear that the first impression of your
website is your last impression and in the above lines, we have tried to substantiate the value of
one positive impression.

How does our design of website work?

An age-old saying which goes like, “Action speaks louder than words”. In this section, we will start
with something substantial to present our case in a more realistic sense. We started working with a
client in the FMCG niche and he had a functional website back then when we took over the work.
We conducted a study of our client’s website and then we ascertained that an overhaul is needed
and he was cooperative enough to let us redesign the website from scratch. While we started
renovating the website, we kept our previous study of his website into consideration.

We started noticing the flaws in the website and then we juxtaposed those results with our study.
This helped us analyse the case with more clarity and helped us understand the flaws clearly. Then
we started renovating the website on Shopify. While the design element was going on, we kept the
CRO (Conversion rate optimisation) among our top priorities. The CRO is the pivot around which
the whole website is hinged and thus everything depends on the CRO. If you have good CRO the
chances of converting a customer quadruple or quintuple times and that’s what we intend to do at
ROI Hunt.

How the sales figure skyrocketed?

Let’s provide you with real-time data so that it will be easy for you as a client to ascertain the extent
of sales clients generates after a slight change in their websites. If we take today’s date i.e. 22nd
February 2020, the sale figure has already crossed Rs 1.2 lakh in the very first month. These are
the result when we were already in the mid-way of making necessary alterations. The sales figures
are poised to rise even more when the sale cycle starts with the newly designed website. These
are the results which make the client believe us and the client pool we have at this point. There are
multiple factors which work in sync and makes the whole website presentable.

In this era of digital marketing, your website is the salesperson and this virtual interface is the only
way to convince the customers. The better you are at expressing what you intend to sell, higher
are the chances of converting a visitor into a customer.

The sale figures are the best reflection of your product’s performance but there is something called
expertise. You are an expert at something, you have a product which is the most potential revenue
generator. When we conduct the study of your website we analyse your products and then we do
market research to ascertain the products which are in demand. And by conflating both the result
we place your products accordingly and this changes the entire landscape of your sales. 

This clears the way for you too, as now you have a better idea of which product is to going to be the
game-changer for your business.

I think we have been able to make ourselves clear regarding our strategies and program
implementation. It will be a great pleasure for us to augment your business in such a way that we
can share your story with other clients at some point in time.